Westside dad joins daughter in marching band

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) -
When you attend a Westside High School football game or event where the marching band is performing, don't be surprised to see a dad in formation. 
Kevin Houston joins his daughter on the field so she can fully take part. Eva uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, and Kevin pushes her wheelchair.
"I'm basically her legs so she can be with her friends," Houston went on to say, "I was kind of sad that she couldn't do marching band. But when she said she did wanted to do marching band, I had to. I had to help her."
He's been part of the marching band since last year. And it's quite the commitment. He goes to 6 a.m. practices, summer camp, pep rallies and more. 
"I need to go to every practice because if you miss a day, you miss an hour, you miss something new. So I'm just like one of the kids."
Houston says he gets called super dad but he says his daughter is the inspiration, "everybody says 'oh you're such good parents because your daughter is so involved with stuff' but she's self-motivated, she wanted to do all of this on her own."
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