Emily Szink

Emily joined KMTV 3 News Now in June of 2013 and is no stranger to the Midwest.  The strong work ethic and the friendliness of the people in the Midwest are what have kept her wanting to stay and advance her journalism career here. 

Emily was born in Ohio, moved to Michigan in middle school and then moved back to Ohio to attend the University of Dayton.   Michigan State is Emily’s Big Ten team of choice for all of you wondering where her loyalty lies.

In 2011, during Emily’s senior year of college, she became the face of the Dayton’s CW and acted as the channel’s on-air host.  While at the CW Emily got to do everything from interview celebrities, to sideline report for an area DI Men’s Basketball team to report on the Cincinnati Reds Single-A affiliate, the Dayton Dragons.

After doing the entertainment news and sports gig, Emily wanted to round out her career and become well-versed in news.  She made the move to Rapid City, South Dakota to become the Morning Anchor at KNBN, an NBC affiliate.  While in Rapid City Emily helped revamp the city’s only live morning newscast, completely changing the hour long broadcast to make it more interactive and social media savvy.  After spending months living just 20 minutes away from Mt. Rushmore, Emily decided it was time to continue to challenge herself and make her next career move.   

Omaha seemed like the perfect fit.  As an avid sports fan, Emily vowed that the next move she made was going to have two things: a baseball team and “The Big10 Network” was going to be included in her basic cable plan.  Emily got both those things in Omaha, plus so much more.  The city’s financial stability, ever-growing population and culture lured Emily in. 

When Emily isn’t working you can find her riding her bike, working out, baking or exploring the city. 

If you have a story idea or just want to say hi, feel free to contact Emily. 

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