Omaha Company Expands To Meet Demand For Travel Healthcare Workers and Recruiters

9:54 AM, Jul 29, 2022
12:31 PM, May 02, 2023

OMAHA, NE — Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals in the U.S. were facing nursing shortages. Today the need for healthcare workers is even higher, as burnout, furloughs early in the pandemic, and personal health concerns led to many leaving the field. Travel healthcare fills a crucial need for hospitals across the nation that have vacancies they can’t fill.

Several studies “have demonstrated the association between nurse staffing ratios and patient safety, documenting an increased risk of patient safety events, morbidity, and even mortality as the number of patients per nurse increases,” according to information published by the Patient Safety Network.

Titan Medical Group provides crucial staffing services with new location

Due to the clear need for travel healthcare workers, the health care staffing services of Omaha-based Titan Medical Group are in high demand. The demand is so high, in fact, that the company is expanding to an additional location at 17225 Burt Street in Omaha.

“Titan Medical is the answer for healthcare facilities around the nation that are looking to hire the best healthcare professionals available,” according to Titan Medical Group’s website. “Because of that, we have the experience to answer your questions about the industry and its possibilities.”

Founded in 2001 by Brian Wilke to provide allied health staffing, Titan Medical Group has grown through the years, added nursing staffing to its repertoire. It has become one of the top health care staffing agencies in the Midwest and was recently awarded “Best Staffing Firms to Work for” by Staffing Industry Analysts.

“The new building is beautiful and offers our employees a fun workspace with a lot of amenities and gives us the opportunity for additional employee appreciation activities,” according to Titan Medical Group. “Our employees work really hard, and they deserve nothing but the best, and our two locations allow us to do that for them.”

Now hiring travel healthcare recruiters

With this expansion, Titan Medical Group is also looking to hire new recruiters who can support the increase in the number of the company’s travel healthcare staffing needs.

“In the unique and exciting world of travel nursing, there are few things more important than a strong recruiter-traveler relationship,” according to “Recruiters are the guiding light on any travel nursing journey, whether it’s your first assignment or your 100th.”

Important skills a recruiter should have included the following:

  • Excellent communication skills — Recruiters must keep in contact with travel healthcare worker spread over a wide area, using a variety of communication tools.
  • Organizational know-how — Being organized is crucial for keeping track of hospital selection, relocation, and accommodation arrangements.
  • Accessibility — Travel healthcare workers need to have access to their recruiter for resolving issues, answering questions, and offering other resources. This might mean being available by phone or email to answer concerns promptly.
  • Personable working style — Healthcare workers want to work with recruiters who are pleasant, patient, and compassionate, and with whom they can establish a strong working bond.

Among other things, a travel healthcare recruiter will help potential hires through the application and credentialing process, help with location and hospital selection, provide sightseeing recommendations, offer ongoing support, provide access to resource libraries, and build relationships between themselves and their travel healthcare professional.

Both healthcare workers and healthcare recruiters are invited to apply to become part of the Titan Medical Group family.

“Our success relies on your success,” according to Titan Medical Group. “That’s why we always put your best interests in mind — from superior placements to finding great living accommodations and negotiating a fair price to providing the tools you need for success.”

Visit to learn more about staffing and recruiter opportunities and to apply.


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