Boy With Disabilities Working Towards Eagle Scout

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) An Omaha teen is working towards the highest honor of eagle scout.    

The Westside senior is a typical teenage boy. Often distracted by movies and his girlfriend but there is one thing that makes Christopher Hinde different, he's received more honors than most Nebraskans.
For anyone who's ever thought, 'I just can't', meet Christopher Hinde.
"I am raising money to build new picnic tables for my neighborhood pool."  The 18 year old with cerebral palsy is improving his community.
To gain is eagle scout honor, he is raising money to add three new tables to his favorite neighborhood pool, including one with wheel chair access.
"Some of the tables are kind of small and hard for a big family to fit around," said his father, Chip Hinde.
"He found a picnic table that is made out of ultra deck material so it won't weather, it won't need to be painted or sanded."
The eagle ranking is hard for most to achieve.  In 2013, only seven percent of all boy scouts succeeded.
"He'll point to eagles and point to himself if he sees an eagle somewhere, that's me, That's me," said Chip.
So far, Christopher has raised enough money to buy two tables.  He wants at least one more.  He has a go fund me account to raise the additional funds needed.
In the spring, he will lead his troop as they put they assemble them.
"It's been a challenge trying to get him to do some of the harder stuff but he's always persevered. He's always tried," said his mother, Michele.
After completing this goal, Hinde has another achievement on his mind.  Graduating from West Side high school.


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