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Dundee Theater: A first look inside the renovated venue

Posted: 5:37 PM, Nov 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-02 22:25:16Z
Dundee Theater: A first look inside

Wednesday, 3 News Now's Lindsey Theis took a first look inside the historic Dundee Theater.

Film Streams Deputy Director Casey Logan said they're planning on making the premiere dates for " Downsizing ," the latest feature film from Academy Award winner and Omaha native Alexander Payne , and should know within the next few weeks when the theater will be open for its first screenings.

Film Streams is also planning some private events for donors and members before opening the theater to the public. Logan said people can still donate money to have name on a placard on a theater seat.

The Dundee Theater first opened in 1925 . The 92-year-old theater — closed since 2013 — was purchased by Susie Buffett's Sherwood Foundation , which then gave the Dundee to Film Streams. $8.3 million in donated renovations later, the bones of the old building stands, paying homage to the past, while crews work on bringing the theater into the next century.

"We've heard so many stories-first date or first job or that sort of thing. Theres all these connections to this building and really all of these shared experiences," Logan said. "And once they go away-there's no real replacing them. So when the opportunity comes you to do this work, you jump on it."

Daryl Finley, with Lund Ross , says work has been nonstop with crews, sometimes as many as 90 workers strong, working on the renovation work.

Some of the finished features include:

  • An exterior patio with a rear main entryway, Tuesday morning crews just finished hanging and painting side and rear signage.
  • New royal blue plush seats in the 300 seat main Peggy Payne theater. Crews had to fill 97 holes in the theater floor.
  • New bright pink plus seats in the 25 seat Linder micro theater. The space has a special tracking system for projectors, ranging from 16 millimeter to Blue Ray and DSP.
  • New and restored terrazzo tile floors in the lobby.
  • Kitchen Table Central , a new expanded concession stand counter, box office counter, and shop.
  • Lounge areas inside that will also feature artwork and restored seats from the old Dundee space.

Be sure to watch the video above for our extended look inside.