Omaha Salon goes 95 percent sustainable

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - An salon in Old Market has started a comprehensive recycling program, making the most of the way they get rid of tubes of product, hair foils, or cut hair, to cut down on waste.

Curb Appeal Salon & Spa, is partnering with Green Circle, so employees can now use disposal of packaging and products. 

"The salon and beauty industry has long posed many challenges to the environment. Every day, in North America 63,180 pounds of hair clippings, 42,122 pounds of hair color, 109,512 pounds of foil and color tubes, and 206,392 pounds of wastepaper, salon bottles, and other paper and plastic items are being tossed out by hair salons," the salon said in a press release.  

Now, what the salon used to consider waste will be redirected. Recycled hair color becomes clean water and electricity. Discarded hair becomes new kinds of plastic, or mixed with concrete to increase building strength, or creates protective gear for law enforcement.

The salon is collecting all hair clippings, extensions, any excess color and developer, papers and plastics, foils, aerosol cans and color tubes they will go to Green Circle, which re-purposes the former waste. 

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