Woman says a bottle of urine with 'Trump 2020' written on it was thrown at her home

Posted at 10:34 AM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 11:34:27-04

A Farmington Hills woman with signs supporting Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement says she had a bottle filled with urine and "Trump 2020" written on it thrown at her home.

It’s just the latest incident in attacks against people who post signs supporting politics or social movements at their homes.

We’re not just seeing vandalism in Farmington Hills, but also acts of hatred and racism in Warren, where a Black family has been targeted three times this week.

All these incidents are targeted around politics and activism.

“It hurts. I’m angry. I’m telling the truth. This is not right. You should be able to talk about these things,” says Trisha Beauchesne.

Beauchesne says she found a Gatorade bottle full of urine and Trump 2020 written on the side thrown into her driveway this past weekend.

‘When I looked at it and I had a brave family member open it and smell it because I would not lie about it,” she says.

Trisha has many signs in her yard, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Some of those have been spray painted. She posted the vandalism on Nextdoor to warn her neighbors.

“I want the neighbors and family and kids to know that this sort of thing is happening and that it is wrong, she says.

This isn’t the only incident happening in metro Detroit.

In Warren, a family has been targeted three times in racist attacks, once a rock thrown through their front window, graffiti posted on the vehicles and most recently a bullet shot into their home, right through the Black Lives Matter sign posted in the family’s front window.

“I’m so upset to where there’s nothing I can do to comfort my family,” they say. “We’re not hateful people we forgive him already. We want him to know that we just want you to stop.”

Vice President of Warren City council Gary Watts says this kind of hatred and racism isn’t warranted in the city.

“It’s not acceptable,” he says. “We need to find who did this with the vandalism on the home, shot you the home, and get justice brought to them.”

Trisha says this hatred and vandalism needs to stop.

“It’s not a surprise, but it’s very disappointing that people would do this, but I’m still not going to stop I think it’s important that we get this message out and that we can hopefully come together as a nation,” she says.

Trisha did file a police report with Farmington Hills police.

As for the incident on Warren, police are now offering a $3,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.