Brain Exchange offers kids free tech classes

Posted: 3:19 PM, Dec 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-12-28 22:37:33Z
Even though school is out for winter vacation some area kids aren't giving their brains a break. 
From piano keys to computer keys kids learned coding and musical composition Wednesday morning during a free class at the AIM brain exchange.
"Most times its just trial and error," Therese Laux, education change agent with AIM explains to the group of about a dozen students. "Try stuff. See how it goes together, because you have two ears. I saw you come in with them."
Today the kids are focusing on media production, learning an Apple computers application called garage band. 
"You can just use the keyboard and you can make all the different sounds, and you can make different patterns and stuff with the different instruments," Sierra Trogdon, 13, shows us. 
She's layering pieces of original music composition together. This is the second brain exchange class Trogdon has signed up for. The nonprofit's classes are open to any kid age 7 to 17. 
During the class, kids work together and also play their musical themes. 
"This kind of sounds like a movie soundtrack, like I am running through the jungle,"Laux says to the class after a student plays their piece. "What did you hear?"
The classes are geared at getting kids at every pace, every level, interested in tech. Some in the class are novices, while others are masters of digital media. Other class subjects include cybersecurity, game design, robotics, and sewable circuits. Most courses are one off events. A regular schedule class called codecraft meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. The end goal is always the same: get techies tools that can get them into real life jobs. All of course, while making the process a symphony of satisfaction.
"I like music. It's really fun. So these classes can help me learn about music," Trogdon said. 
To find out more or for a link to sign up for classes, visit