Ryan McPike

Ryan McPike

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Ryan grew up just down interstate 29 in Kansas City. Almost his entire family is from the area and most of them still reside there.

It was at a very young age that Ryan fell in love with weather. First it was his fascination with winter storms and snow, followed by the severe thunderstorms that frequent the Midwest and Central Plains during the spring and summer.

While Ryan attended the University of Missouri Columbia, he did several television internships both in Kansas City and Columbia, MO. Ryan's most beneficial internship came under the schooling of Mr. Bryan Busby at KMBC, one of the most respected meteorologists in the business.

It was there that Ryan got a real taste of the business and his career started to take off. Since graduating from MIZZOU in December of 1994, Ryan has worked in Topeka, KS, and Erie, PA. He came to Omaha in November of 1997, and was named Chief Meteorologist in February of 2002.

Ryan has dealt with nearly every weather scenario imaginable, from the very challenging Lake Effect Snow of Erie, Pa. to the Tornadoes of the Central Plains. Ryan recalls last years February snow storm when 9 inches fell on the area.

Ryan stayed overnight to keep viewers up to date on the weather conditions. But Ryan says some of the nicest weather in the country can also be found right here in Omaha during the fall season. That is when he enjoys working out and playing sports the most, along with watching football.

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