Kelly Nyberg

Hello Omaha! I am so excited to spend my mornings with you as co-host of The Morning Blend.

I'm originally from Sioux Falls, SD where I attended Augustana University. Immediately following graduation I moved to Los Angeles for an internship at Entertainment Tonight/The Insider. After my first summer there, I was hired as an assistant in the wardrobe department for both shows.

Over the next seven years in LA, I switched gears and pursued acting and TV hosting, a lifelong dream of mine. Fun fact: Mary Hart, former host of Entertainment Tonight, was my inspiration for becoming a host. She graduated from my college, is a South Dakotan and ironically her first full-time TV job was on this very station, KMTV!

Altogether I’ve worked on over 250 TV shows, movies and commercials as either an actress, double, stand-in or cheerleader/dancer. Some of my favorite roles include being Selena Gomez' body double on her Disney TV show (and providing advice to her during the Justin Bieber breakup – how surreal!) having a guest starring role on both Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and “Sam and Cat,” starring in the Mike Posner/Cris Cab music video “Colors,” playing a Cheerio cheerleader on “Glee,” and standing in for actresses like Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, Lily Collins, Molly Shannon and so-on. Although I had some great experiences in LA, I’m so happy to be back in the Midwest! There's nothing better.

I have many interests and consider myself 50% tomboy, 50% girly-girl. I was a cheerleader for 15 years, a gymnast for 10 and a dancer for 8. I have worked as a cheerleading choreographer, coach and competition judge. Cheer was a big part of my life, but I still wonder what life would have been liked if I played girls hockey instead - which I seriously considered.

I am the oldest of four and am very close to my family. They really are my best friends and I enjoy spending time with them.

A little about my personality: I love to have fun, I'm sarcastic and goofy, and I love getting to know and work with members of the community.

I am so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to interact with all our fabulous viewers! Thanks for the warm welcome, Morning Blend!

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