2017 Thanksgiving Forecast

On average, Thanksgiving in Omaha has been colder than normal over the past couple of decades. However, there have been some unseasonable mild days too.
When looking at just the past five years, you can see that turkey day has been pretty cold. Even with the colder air in place, we haven't seen much snow in recent years. The snowiest Thanksgiving dates back to 1931, when the total was around three inches. 
So what can we expect this Thanksgiving? It is shaping up to be a really nice day. After the passage of a front a couple days before Thanksgiving, the colder air will exit just in time for the holiday, which will allow temperatures to rise into the low-to-mid 50s. That is slightly above our average of 42 degrees.  
Here are some stats from the National Weather Service...
Highest and Lowest Temperatures Recorded on Thanksgiving
Warmest in Omaha: 73 degrees in 2011
Coldest in Omaha:  -2 degree in 1877

Wettest Thanksgiving
Wettest in Omaha:  1.59 inches of rainfall in 1896
The Last Time is Rained on Thanksgiving Day
November 26, 2015:  0.32 inches
The Last Time it Snowed on Thanksgiving Day
November 26, 1981:  0.3 inches (there was a trace on 11/26/2015)
Average Highs, Lows, and Daily for Thanksgiving Day (November 22-30) (period of record 1871 through 2015)
Average Maximum Temperature 41.7 degrees
Average Minimum Temperature 23.9 degrees
Average Daily Precipitation 0.03 inches
2016: High-39/Low-37, Trace of Rain
2015: High-39/Low-25, 0.32" of Rain/Trace of snow
2014: High-25/Low-15
2013: High-35/Low-17
2012: High-62/Low-39
Courtesy: National Weather Service-Omaha
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