All Eyes on Irma

While Nebraska will never take a direct hit from a hurricane, all eyes are on the current tropical development. 
I thought it would be interesting to show you exactly how large the category 5 storm is as it churns though the Atlantic with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles an hour. The width of the hurricane is over 400 miles wide, while Scottsbluff to Omaha is 450 miles, and from the northern border of the state to the southern state line is only 200 miles. 
While Irma is captivating everyone's attention, we also are watching Hurricane José in the Atlantic and Hurricane Katia in the Gulf of Mexico. The current path of these storms means neither will impact the United States. 
However, Irma is a different story as computer models are leaning towards it being a category four when it hits the southern tip of Florida and skirts along the east coast of the state into the weekend. Eventually, it's expected to impact Georgia and the Carolina coast into early next week.
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