December Chill

December started off unseasonably mild, but the weather pattern has gone through a major transition. The jet stream that drives our storm systems has dipped across the Plains states allowing an arctic air mass in Canada to plunge south.
High pressure continues to build over the Pacific Northwest, and it doesn't show any signs of breaking down for several days. If the current weather pattern holds, it will keep the cold air in place for at least a week and, possibly, through mid-month.
The big question now is whether there be enough moisture to produce rain or snow. We did experience a brief wintry mix Wednesday, but it didn't last very long. The models continue to generate a few flurries and snow showers the next week or so, but the chances of collecting enough for our first measurable snowfall of the season looks low. 
We will be watching this very closely as a series of fronts continue to develop and move into the lower 48 states.

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