Nebraska/Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day November 9, 2017

It’s already November and the days are getting shorter. That means harvest is wrapping up, football is in full swing,  and the winds are knocking the leaves off the trees. That means it’s time for Winter Weather Awareness Day. Now is the time to refresh ourselves about the hazards of winter, and how to become “Weather-Ready” in our preparation. 

One hot topic that is being addressed this winter season is the simplification of advisories, watches and warnings.  Feedback from the public shows that people are still confused by some of these weather terms.  To try and simplify the current array of watch, warning & advisory information the National Weather Service will consolidate these winter weather products.  In addition, the products will use a "What", "Where" and "When" approach in the text.  Safety tips and preparedness information will also be included.  Implementation of these changes started nation wide on October 1st of this year.

There are many ways to prepare your home for winter.  In the home you will want extra water and canned goods.  It is also a good idea to keep a flashlight handy with extra batteries.  We have often talked about the importance of a weather radio for the latest updated weather information.  You will want to keep a first aid kit or extra medicine on hand.  Pets are also very important so don't forget to stock up on extra pet supplies.

If you are caught outside try to find shelter or stay in your car. Try to stay warm and dry and cover exposed skin from the cold.  This will help protect you from frostbite and hypothermia brought on by extreme cold and dangerous wind chills of -20 degrees and colder.  If you know what to do before, during, and after a winter event, you can increase your chances of survival. 

Source:  National Weather Service and NOAA


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