Not So Snowy Start To Winter

It's been a slow winter season for snowfall so far. Although we have plenty of winter still to go, we are running behind for now.

At Omaha's Eppley Airfield, there was no snow in November, and December brought a few small batches of snow adding up to 3.6 inches. As of January 13th, we've added another 1.2 inches to the snow total. All combined, we are only sitting at 4.8 inches in the 2017 / 2018 snow season.

Our current snow total of 4.8 inches this winter puts us 6.7 inches behind the 11.5 inches we average by January 13th. While that is low, at this same time last year, we had only seen 3.8 inches of snow in Omaha.

Running behind average for snowfall has been pretty typical in recent Omaha history. In the previous 5 snowy seasons, only 2 have brought above-average snow totals. One of those two was BARELY above average.

According to the National Weather Service, Omaha averages 26.4 inches of snow for each cold season, which runs through the end of each year and into the first part of the following calendar year.

Here's how we have done the previous 5 snow seasons:

2016 / 2017: 11.4" (15.0" below average)  3rd lowest on record
2015 / 2016:  27.4" (1.0" above average)
2014 / 2015: 13.8" (12.6" below average)  8th lowest on record
2013 / 2014: 17.8" (8.6" below average)
2012 / 2013: 35.7" (9.3" above average)  34th highest on record

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