Preparing Yourself and Your Car for Winter

More than just a clever tag line for a popular TV show, it is a cold truth here in the Midwest: winter is coming. Since its arrival is just around the corner, it’s time to make sure you're prepared.

The more obvious preparations include making sure you have your hats, gloves, mittens, coats, and snow boots. However, winter has a big impact on travel, so it is also essential to prepare your vehicles.

One of the ways to stay safe is to have a winter survival kit in your car. Its contents should include: a flashlight, first aid kit, blankets, a shovel, and jumper cables. Water and even some snacks are a good idea to have on hand, too. Another suggestion is to have a bag of cat litter in your car to help provide traction under your tires if your car gets stuck.

You should also take your car in to have it checked over before winter arrives in full force. Your battery, lights, heater, brakes, oil, and other fluids are all essential to have in working order.

When traveling during the winter season, it’s best to not go alone, and plan your travel for during the daytime if at all possible. Make sure others know where you’re going, what route you’ll take, and when you should arrive.

While we can’t stop winter, we can be prepared for it. For more tips and info, check out the graphics above.

Source:  National Weather Service and NOAA

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