This Isn't My Grandmother Irma!

Irma is not a name you hear very often these days. It’s a familiar name to me since I had a grandmother with that name, but when is the next time a tropical storm or hurricane will be named Irma in the Atlantic? If your answer is never, you are correct. 

Since the 1950s, more than 80 names have been retired due to the intensity of the hurricane and the damage it caused in the Atlantic, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico.

The naming of tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic is the role of the World Meteorological Organization’s hurricane committee, which repeats names every six years if it was not used or associated with a smaller tropical weather system. It was the U.S. Weather Bureau that actually began naming storms in 1955 after three major hurricanes struck the United States.

So just like we will never have another Andrew, Wilma, Hugo and Harvey, there will never be another tropical system in the Atlantic named Irma after this one is gone for good next week. 

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