This Weeks Weather

A bit of everything coming our way this week in our weather.  The headlines will transition from wind to warm to cold in the span of about 5 days. 

You can pretty much put away your leaf blower for a couple of days as the first in a series of cold fronts pushes through the Metro.  Monday and Tuesday will see crazy wind speeds in the 20-30 mph category, sustained.  Then gusts on Monday will between 40 to 50 mph with Tuesday's between 35- 40. 

On Wednesday, an upper level ridge will tease us with the warmest temperatures of the week before the next shot of cold air invades by the end of the week and you can pretty much figure on buying your tomatoes from the store the rest of the season. This one looks like the killing freeze that has escaped Omaha so far this season. 

The coldest morning temperature for Omaha has been 36 degrees so far this season.  By Saturday morning we're looking at mid to upper 20s by Saturday morning and afternoon highs in the 40s. This go round, the frost will certainly by covering the pumpkin. 

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