Warmer Than Normal Temperatures Continue

Although the beginning of November saw high temperatures below average, that trend has reversed over the last almost two weeks. In Omaha, November 14th was the first day this month were temperatures made it above average, and they have stayed above average since then except for two days (the 21st and 22nd).

To see the last and next seven days of afternoon highs in Omaha, see the graphics included in this blog post. Looking ahead to the end of the month, the trend of warmer than normal afternoon highs will continue.

In fact, temperatures have not only been warmer than normal, they have been record-breaking for several places in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. For instance, Lincoln set record highs on both last Thursday and Friday (23rd and 24th) with temperatures of 71 and 75.

Also on the 24th, Beatrice set a record high of 78, and Red Oak tied their record high of 72. Omaha was one degree short of tying the record high of 73 on Friday.

With afternoon highs across the area forecast to be in the upper 60s to low 70s on Monday, the 27th could be another day of record-setting warmth for Omaha, Lincoln, Beatrice, Red Oak, and a few other places.


Forecast Highs:                                                                    Record Highs:

Omaha - 68                                                                             67 (1998)

Lincoln - 72                                                                             68 (1998)

Beatrice - 72                                                                           68 (1998)

Red Oak - 68                                                                          64 (1998)


Stay tuned to KMTV 3 News Now for all the latest weather information and to see if we tie or break records tomorrow.

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