What to Expect When a Wind Advisory is Issued

This week is off to a windy start and winds won't be dying down any time soon. Because of the strong winds the National Weather Service in Valley issued a Wind Advisory Monday for eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

According to the National Weather Service, a Wind Advisory means: “Take Action! Strong winds are occurring but are not so strong as to warrant a High Wind Warning. Objects that are outdoors should be secured and caution should be taken if driving.” With that in mind, let’s cover some information about what’s causing these strong winds and their impacts.

Behind the cold front that moved through the area we will experience 25 to 35mph winds and gusts of 40 to 50mph. The post frontal winds are strong because of a strong pressure gradient associated with this system. Or put another way, wind blows from higher pressure towards lower pressure, trying to reach a balance, and when the pressure differences are greater, wind speeds increase.

The wind advisory is issued because strong winds can cause a number of problems:

  • Loose outdoor items can be blown around
  • High-profile vehicles (semis, buses, etc.) may be blown off the road
  • Power lines may be knocked down
  • Trees could be blown over
  • Wildfires become much more difficult to control
  • Dry brush can catch fire and spread quickly if sparked
  • Blowing dirt or dust can cause reduced visibility while driving

Breezy conditions will stick around for the remainder of the week.

Scroll through the included graphics from NOAA to see more about how strong winds can impact you and some tips for staying safe.

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