Police warn about open garage doors

Posted: 11:02 PM, May 17, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-18 04:02:38Z

It’s something many of us forget to do at night-shut the garage door. Now that Spring is upon us, people are out and about, more often at night.

Police say it’s a simple and easy mistake to make but it might cost you thousands of dollars in personal belongings.

One man who knows the scare of losing a personal item is Ralston resident Mark Sundell.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sundell was air brushing a portrait of an Indian, while reminiscing about the time he thought someone stole his daughter’s 3-wheeler after leaving his garage door open.

“My heart just boom, 'oh my God' really?,” said Sundell.

Sundell thought something was fishy about this burglary, thinking one of his neighbors took it.

“I had my suspicions but they denied it completely so I was like you gotta be kidding me,” said Sundell.

To Sundell’s chagrin, it was his neighbors trying to teach him a lesson, to close your garage door if you are gone.

“Was I happy with the neighbors? No, but you know what it made sense and I didn't do it again,” said Sundell.

It’s these type of incidents the La Vista Police Department are trying to avoid, as warmer weather creeps in, more people are accidently keeping the doors open.

“They can just walk right in their house take their items and just walk right out the front door and they would never know,” said La Vista Officer T.J. Jacik.

Jacik said their crews see this problem more than they should.

“Our nightshift, they drive around the neighborhoods and they see so many garage doors left open,” said Jacik.

But for Sundell, while this prank was all in fun and games, it’s something that will be a constant reminder for him.

“It was an eye-opener because you get lazy and you get to the point where-ah I'll just run to the store, I'll go here then that here turns into 45-minutes and that's enough time to see your vehicle in the driveway come in 5-minutes and it's gone,” said Sundell.

Many area police departments will go around at night and will do the courteous thing and tell you your garage door is open and ask if you would like it shut.