Several Habitat for Humanity homes robbed in North Omaha

The Omaha Police Departments is investigating burglaries that took place inside seven Habitat for Humanity homes in North Omaha last week.

Kirk Rogers, the Construction Superintendent for the homes near Florence and Sprague streets says he noticed the break-ins Monday morning as he went to inspect each home.

"They use a pry bar to get in here - to break the door and jam it to gain access to the house. So you can see where the door is jammed off and so now basically I have to replace this door frame,” says Rogers.

It’ll cost Rogers hundreds of dollars to replace the door frames – plus the labor it will take to repair it.

The burglars have also taken wiring and some of the subcontractors’ tools.

He says the homes are basically empty, but thieves want tools and materials.

"They're looking for copper and any tools they can grab - anything that a pawn shop will take or a salvage company,” adds Rogers.

According to Rogers, OPD says break-ins are up city-wide, and are working with Habitat for Humanity homes to keep the area monitored.

“They're running the neighborhood more often and are looking to put some cameras up on some poles for us.”

Roger’s team also set up a security system in each house to ensure no more burglaries delay their work.

Rogers doesn’t believe the thefts will keep them from completing the homes on time, but he says it does put a damper on the great work they’re doing in the area.

"You know, it's real sad. We work really hard and this is the Kountze’s neighborhood and we have invested a lot of time and a lot of money into this neighborhood and if you drive the streets behind me, you can see the difference we've made."

OPD is asking anyone with information related to these burglaries to call Omaha Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP or visit their website

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