Voters restore death penalty in NE

Omaha World-Herald is reporting that voters in Nebraska have voted to restore the death penalty. 


Before the results were announced, Chris Peterson, campaign manager for Nebraskans for the Death Penalty told KMTV if they won, it won't be much of a party celebration, but more of an emotional victory for many of the victims and their families who were killed by criminals who are currently sitting in death row.

One group not celebrating were those hoping to keep the death penalty in Nebraska at bay.

Retain a just Nebraska supporters were out in full force at the regency lodge watching the results.

The group was pushing to eliminate the death penalty.

They say it's in-humane and costs the tax payers too much.

Local bishops were also disappointed with the results.

Archbishop George J. Lucas Archdiocese of Omaha, Bishop James D. Conley Diocese of Lincoln, and Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt Diocese of Grand Island released this joint statement.

We express our disappointment that the death penalty will be reinstated in Nebraska. We will continue to call for the repeal of the death penalty when it is not absolutely necessary to protect the public safety. We hope that the death penalty does not overshadow the complex problems faced by our criminal justice system that can be solved only by true reforms and not by ineffective punishments such as we have experienced with the death penalty in Nebraska.

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