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Omaha wants your thoughts on Crown Point Avenue project

Posted: 9:18 PM, Sep 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-12 23:15:43-04

There are a number of concerns about Crown Point Avenue such as traffic, the safety of Northwest High students, and even the condition of the road itself.

About a dozen buses full of students use the street every day. The four lanes on Crown Point are enough for buses and other vehicles passing through now, but taxi driver Tracey Rhone thinks taking a lane away isn't the best idea.  

"There's quite a few kids that have to be picked up," Rhone said. "And if you cut it just down to two or three lanes, there's going to be a lot of [drivers] coming through this area that are going to be mad because it's going to be congested with vehicles."

The city has five proposed versions of the new Crown Point Avenue that include bike lanes and sidewalks. Some plans have two lanes, others plans have three.

Omaha is ready to do away with four lanes and whittle the road down for the safety of cars and pedestrians.

"We looked at the reconstruction of the road and we realized it was overbuilt based on both existing and future existing traffic capacities," Omaha design manager Gayle Sturdivant said. "We also got some input from citizens and a lot of complaints have come in about speeding in the area."

The project is still in the beginning stages and taking public input. This timeline shows officials will start construction in March of 2020. But one woman who has lived along the road for 40 years says speeding has been an issue as long as she has lived there.

"We think speeding is going to be a concern if they don't put the stop lights back in because if they don't do something at the top of the hill are going to come flying down that hill no matter what you do," Chris Rice said.

The city want to hear more from the public by Friday. If you live in the area, click here to see the different plans and let the city know what you think by submitting an online form here. For more information, visit Omaha Public Works' website.