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4 sisters, pregnant at the same time, brought their babies together at Christmas

4 sisters, pregnant at the same time, brought their babies together at Christmas
Posted at 10:15 AM, Dec 29, 2023

Four sisters, who all grew up in Highland Village, Texas, and Omaha, Nebraska, coincidentally all became pregnant within a few months of one another. Over the holidays this year, they were able to get together with their babies for the first time.

The sisters are Jena Primsky, 33; Jessica Hanna, 31; Jordan Sutton, 27; and Jaden Lortz, 25. They live in different states now — Lortz is in Texas, Primsky is in Colorado, and the other two are in Nebraska. They met in Nebraska for Christmas with their families, including Primsky’s previous son Mason and the new babies.

Stanley Leland Sutton arrived first, two weeks early on July 20. He was followed by Lydia Joan Lortz on Sept. 25 and Miles Thomas Primsky on Sept. 30 — his father’s birthday. Carsen Taylor Hanna was last, born on Nov. 13.

Here are a couple of images of the sisters, posted to Facebook by Wildfire Photo Co. The first was taken during their pregnancies, and the second shows them all together with their babies.

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This definitely wasn’t planned, as two of the sisters underwent fertility treatments in order to get pregnant, “Good Morning America” reported. But because the sisters were all pregnant at the same time, they were able to offer support to one another through a group chat they called “Bumpin’,” which has now been renamed the “Cool Moms Club.”

Lortz explained that she had Primsky were close as children despite the age gap, while she and Sutton went to school and played sports together. She and Hanna lived together in college.

“So, each stage of my life, I kind of have a separate bond with each of them. But this experience, with all four of us, is way different. I think it’s brought us closer together in a different way,” she told “GMA” in July 2023.

Primsky, who was the only one of the sisters who had already been a mother, had a similar perspective.

“When you have your own children, it’s such a unique experience to become a mom but then to watch your sisters become moms all at the same time … and to just be on this journey with my sisters — from the breastfeeding to the labor and delivery — each stage of the way … has been so awesome and just continues to bring us closer,” Primsky told “GMA.”

They even discovered this wasn’t the first time members of their family had enjoyed such a connection. Their grandmother Joan was pregnant at the same time as her three sisters and a sister-in-law. So apparently, this sort of thing runs in the family.

In another coincidence, it turns out Hanna’s nurse and Sutton’s nurse are best friends. This is clearly a family bucking the odds — we can’t wait to see how it turns out for them all.

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