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8 practical gifts for pregnant women they’ll actually use

8 practical gifts for pregnant women they’ll actually use
Posted at 9:25 AM, Oct 13, 2022

Being pregnant can be a wonderful, magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. But it can also be exhausting and oh-so-uncomfortable. Expectant mothers often experience ailments from morning sickness and nightly heartburn to backaches, swollen feet and a seemingly never-ending need to use the restroom.

If you are gift shopping for someone who is pregnant, buying something sweet for the forthcoming baby is always lovely. However, you may also want to choose a gift that will benefit the new mom directly.

Following are our suggestions for gifts that a pregnant woman or new mother will use and greatly appreciate.

Burp Cloths

Sometimes a seemingly simple item is the best. Burp cloths are an item others might not consider when giving gifts, but a new mom will want a clean one (physically) on her at all times.

Between the lack of a good night’s sleep, the rare opportunities to bathe and the physical changes caused by pregnancy, new mothers can feel unsightly without the addition of spit-up on their shirts. The best burp cloths are soft with finished edges and easy to clean.


A Birthing Ball

Exercise during pregnancy has numerous benefits. But a birthing ball, aka a yoga or exercise ball, is great for more than working out.

Finding a comfortable place and position for sitting when pregnant can be challenging. However, the pliant, curved balls can help relieve the pressure pregnancy causes.

During labor, a birthing ball may decrease stress, anxiety and even pain. And for postpartum recovery, sitting on a ball can ease discomfort by keeping you balanced with a straight back.


Soft Sleepwear

Sleep can seem like a luxury for pregnant women and new moms. However, a set of PJs that feel smooth on her skin and are roomy enough for her growing bump can help an expectant mother rest more comfortably.

Sleepwear that allows for nursing can also be packed in her hospital bag. Don’t forget a cozy robe and a soft but non-slip pair of slippers.


A Mini Fridge

A compact refrigerator can be the perfect place to store breast milk or bottles in the nursery or bedroom.

But it can also be used to keep soothing gel ice packs for tender breasts or frozen perineal pads. Of course, she might want to keep a bottle of water on hand for those late-night feedings. She can also store skin care products inside for a beauty boost whenever needed.


A Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping with a burgeoning belly is tricky. However, a maternity pillow can provide support for a much-needed night’s sleep and also prevent certain aches and pains caused by the body’s changing shape.

Even after delivery, a pregnancy pillow will provide relief during the healing process. Many also double as nursing pillows, as well.


A Support Belt

Carrying a human around 24/7 is exhausting. A “belly band” decreases some weight and pressure, supporting a pregnant woman’s lower back and abdomen.

After delivery, some women wear support belts to decrease discomfort. Combined with specific exercises, they may even help those who experience diastasis recti, a common condition that occurs when abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy.


A Fashionable Diaper Bag

As much as she adores her baby, it’s easy for a new mom to feel like she’s lost her identity. Gifting her a functional diaper bag that fits her sense of style can help her find a happy medium.

A chic backpack or oversized bag with loads of pockets and closures will serve her (and baby) well while looking fabulous. Choose one that will easily wipe clean.



Prenatal massage therapy can help reduce swelling, headaches, and back and joint pain, increase circulation and improve sleep. A gift certificate for a massage is likely something the pregnant person in your life would be grateful to receive.

Be sure to find a certified prenatal massage therapist who knows specific pregnancy and massage needs well. Of course, she should also discuss massage therapy with her prenatal care provider.


With thoughtfulness and care, you’ll surely give the pregnant woman in your life a truly meaningful gift.‚

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