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ADHD medication recalled after wrong pills found in bottle

A pharmacist found sedative tablets in a bottle of Zenzedi, which is a stimulant and has the opposite effect on the body.
ADHD medication recalled after wrong pills found in bottle
Posted at 9:52 AM, Jan 30, 2024

Azurity Pharmaceuticals has recalled an ADHD and narcolepsy medication after the wrong pills were discovered in one of its bottles.

The recall notice, which applies to a batch of Zenzedi 30 milligram tablets, came after a pharmacist in Nebraska found tablets of carbinoxamine maleate, an antihistamine drug, in a bottle labeled Zenzedi. 

Zenzedi is a stimulant, while carbinoxamine maleate is a sedative, and has the opposite effect on the body.

"Patients who take carbinoxamine instead of Zenzedi will experience undertreatment of their symptoms, which may result in functional impairment and an increased risk of accidents or injury," Azurity said in its recall notice.

Those who unknowingly ingest carbinoxamine could experience sleepiness, drowsiness, central nervous system depression, increased eye pressure, enlarged prostate urinary obstruction, and thyroid disorder, the company said.

Azurity said there's a good chance those with ADHD or narcolepsy who instead continue to consume carbinoxamine, could experience ongoing disability or death in severe cases — when they engage in activities requiring alertness and focus, like operating heavy machinery.

There have so far been no reports of serious adverse effects or events relating to the recall.

Zenzedi can be identified as a light yellow hexagonal tablet with the number 30 etched on one side and "MIA" carved into the other.

The suspect tablets — identified by the pharmacist as "carbinoxamine maleate tablets USP, 4 mg" — are white and round with "GL" debossed on one side and "211" on the other.

The product was distributed to pharmacies nationwide.

For more information on the recall, or to submit a report relating to it, click here.

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