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Amazon limits self-publishers to 3 books per day, citing AI concerns

Amazon said it would be "lowering the volume limits" for direct publishing, according to an announcement on its Kindle community page.
Amazon limits self-publishers to 3 books per day, citing AI concerns
Posted at 5:35 PM, Sep 20, 2023

Concerns with the proliferation of artificial intelligence and its integration into everyday life has caused a significant publishing control measure to be implemented at Amazon. 

The retail and publishing giant announced on its Kindle Direct Publishing community page that Amazon has decided to lower "volume limits" for new title creations to three per day.

Amazon said the company has not seen a spike in publishing numbers, but made the move to "protect against abuse."

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Amazon says it believes that very few publishers on its platform will be impacted by the move, but said it would notify users informing them they have the option to "seek an exception," and presumably have Amazon go through a process — during an unspecified period of time — to review that request. 

Amazon has posted guidelines for the type of content that is allowed on its platforms, including on Kindle and said that it "will not accept content under copyright that is freely available on the web, unless it's provided by the owner of the copyright."

Concerns have persisted in recent months about how AI "learns," by pulling from sources of information from around the web. AI works by identifying and replicating patterns found in data. 

Many tech analysts believe the future of artificial intelligence and how copyright will play into that learning, and the usage of AI tools, is still very unclear. 

Amazon, in making the preemptive move — seemingly out of an abundance of caution — said the company will keep the "interests of our authors, publishers, and readers at the forefront of our thinking and decision-making."

Recently Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing division set guidelines for creators requiring that they inform Amazon of AI-generated content, including for text, images and translations.

The platform said the steps are in an effort to control the "rapid evolution of generative AI and the impact it is having on reading, writing, and publishing."

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