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This beefy dill pickle dip will liven up all your gatherings in the new year

This beefy dill pickle dip will liven up all your gatherings in the new year
Posted at 7:30 AM, Jan 08, 2024

Here at Simplemost, we love a good pickle — and anything pickle-flavored, and pickle recipes. There’s just something about that sweet and vinegary tang, the crunch of the cucumber and the savory herbs and spices.

If you’re also a fan, you’re going to want to try this dill pickle dip from Michaela Kenkel, the blogger and recipe developer behind An Affair from the Heart. It’s based on the traditional Midwestern dill pickle wrap recipe that’s sometimes called “redneck sushi” or “Lutheran sushi.” These little bites are good any time of the year, although people seem to love them especially during the holidays and at new year celebrations.

This is a dip that requires just three ingredients: dried beef, cream cheese, and pickles. With the dill pickle wrap, you need to choose your pickles carefully (small, petite or mini pickles are best) to make sure you can wrap everything together. This dip is actually easier, because you can really use any type of pickle you like. You’ll simply chop it up and add it in.

Kenkel recommends using Hormel dried beef from the refrigerated section — not the jarred kind on shelves, but the refrigerated kind. It has about half the sodium of the kind that comes in a jar!

Hormel dried beef

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Of course, you’ll need one more ingredient that the original wraps don’t require: crackers for dipping. Find the full, super-simple recipe at An Affair from the Heart.

There are many other ways to incorporate pickles into your parties in the new year. For example, you could create a pickle cheeseball like the one from Little Dairy on the Prairie, set out some stuffed dill pickles using a recipe from Mid-Life Croissant, or go a bit more unusual with pickle cupcakes.

Or, you could always try another pickle combination, like the TikTok sensation the Snickle or the dill pickle bread from Gather for Bread (genius!). And if you want to try adding that pickle flavor into your adult beverages, you could make the pickletini from an contributor or choose from a whole slew of pickle-based cocktails.

Are you a pickle lover?

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