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‘Bella’ is the most popular dog name in the US

‘Bella’ is the most popular dog name in the US
Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 04, 2023

The trendiest dog in the U.S. is a (theoretical) pit bull named Bella.

That’s according to a new analysis by question-and-answer website JustAnswer. The site, which allows its members to ask questions of various experts, combed through more than 200,000 conversations with pet experts.

The name “Bella” came up the most over the past year; pit bulls topped the list of popular breeds.

“It’s no secret people are crazy for their pets, and dog owners even more so, at least according to our data,” said Andy Kurtzig, JustAnswer’s CEO, in a press release.

Happy dog with unclipped ears

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“JustAnswer vets and pet training experts answer over 500 questions a day about dog behavior or health concerns … more than double the number of cat vet ‘chats’ on the platform,” Kurtzig said.

JustAnswer’s survey results showed chihuahuas and Labrador retrievers rounding out the top three dog breeds. Other breeds in JustAnswer’s top 10 include Yorkshire terriers, poodles, golden retrievers and dachshunds — quite a mix!

It’s worth considering, however, that JustAnswer is a service for folks who are seeking expert advice. Is it possible that pit bulls just generate a lot of questions, and aren’t necessarily the most “popular”? And what about mixed-breeds? Food for thought.

The analysis of dog names seems a little more sound. Dogs’ names have no correlation to their behavior or health issues, so the frequency of any name is interesting to note.

Bella came out on top — and who doesn’t know a Bella pup, really? — followed by Luna, Max, Daisy and Charlie. Yep, can confirm: I know a sibling pair named Luna and Max, I used to have a Daisy and my mother-in-law owns a goldendoodle named Charlie.


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JustAnswer’s data offered other insights, as well. The most common “my dog ate …” advice request was for, of course, chocolate. And apparently a lot of people in Texas have trouble securing their cannabis — it was the No. 1 state for questions about pups getting into THC edibles.

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