'Bong' misheard as 'bomb' prompts evacuation at Florida high school

Posted at 3:09 PM, Sep 26, 2019

A misheard word led authorities to evacuate a Florida high school Thursday morning.

Wednesday afternoon at Marianna High School, a student’s family member called a staff member stating the student had items in their bookbag that were inappropriate.

The caller stated the student had a “bong” in the book bag, however the Jackson County School District say the word was misheard, prompting an emergency evacuation.

"The investigation has determined the staff member misheard the word during the telephone conversation," officials wrote in a press release.

Instead of "bong," the staff member apparently heard “bomb." There's a clear difference between the two: A bong is a tool used to smoke tobacco or marijuana while a bomb is a deadly weapon.

“Superintendent (H. Larry) Moore thanks the quick action by all Marianna High School administration and staff as we strive to keep our students safe,” officials wrote in a news release.

This story was originally published by WTXL.