5 tips to be a safer driver

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 11:33:53-04

June is National Safety Month, with opportunities to assess your safety in the workplace, at home or on the road.

Most people spend at least an hour commuting to and from work, and driving safety affects everyone.

Use these five tips to become a safer driver, no matter what other motorists do.

Maintain focus

Busy modern life gives you every excuse to multitask. However, once you get behind the wheel, concern yourself only with the task of driving. Maintain a 100 percent focus on the road, your vehicle and the actions of other motorists. This means no use of electronic devices while driving, as any usage will compromise your focus and safety. Avoid driving with people who tend to distract you, and don’t let your music choice or climate controls become distractions, either.

Secure cargo

Part of safe driving includes securing all cargo beforehand. Keep needed items within reach, but don’t put them in places where they can slide around or fall on the floor and tempt you to retrieve them while driving. Your wallet, sunglasses and garage passes should be in an accessible place. As for other items, make sure they are secure before beginning your drive. Wear your seat belt to secure yourself, as well.



Plan ahead

Hurried or rushed driving increases your chances of an accident, as you tend to make rash decisions and don’t notice other drivers as much. To avoid creating more hazards, leave time on your drive to stop for food, bathroom breaks and gas. As soon as you get into your car, adjust mirrors, seats and controls before putting your vehicle in gear.

Drive defensively

Although you might be a safe driver, there’s no way to know everyone else on the road is the same. Promote safe driving by increasing awareness of other drivers around you. Expect drivers to err or make poor decisions rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt — this habit will keep you from putting yourself in harm's way. Allow yourself reaction time by keeping at least a two-second cushion between you and other cars, and increasing the cushion during inclement weather. Teenagers face particular challenges when it comes to safe driving, so read more about safe teen driving tips here.

Obey traffic laws

The speed limit is not a suggestion but a law that drivers should follow. Drive smart by avoiding drinking any alcohol beforehand, and never drive while compromised by drugs or anything else that might inhibit your reflexes or reaction times.

As you obey traffic laws, you can decrease hazards on the road. In addition to these safe driving tips, it’s also legally required of all drivers to properly maintain a vehicle’s basic function and parts, including its tires. For quality vehicle maintenance and affordable tires, visit Jensen Tire & Auto.