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Cheerleaders Called Out Anti-mask Parents At A Football Game

Cheerleaders Called Out Anti-mask Parents At A Football Game
Posted at 8:00 AM, Sep 05, 2020

Despite clear guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other high-ranking medical professionals around the world, some people still refuse to wear a face mask to help curb the spread of the coronavirus that leads to COVID-19.

And with lots of schools reopening across the U.S., some students are concerned that anti-maskers will contribute to a second wave of the virus – which could lead to schools closing again. When students at one school in Enterprise, Utah, found out that anti-masker parents were planning a “No Mask Monday” protest and intending to send their kids to school without masks (despite a state-wide face-covering mandate for schools), they decided they had to take control of the situation.

Student cheerleaders and football players addressed the crowd at a football game and begged them to wear masks.

“In order to do your part, we ask that you please mask up,” cheerleader Dallee Cobb said to the crowd. “We of all people should know that wearing a mask is not fun. Neither is wearing a seat belt. Or a life jacket. Or pads for football. But we do all these things so that we have a future.”

Cobb continued, “We want to keep playing. We want to have a senior year, we want to have homecoming, and prom, and graduation, so again we ask that you put your mask on so that we can get our game on. We know that many of you disagree with the mask mandate, so we leave the decision up to you but ask that you keep in mind that by wearing your mask, you are supporting all of us athletes and helping us get back to some kind of normalcy.”

A video of their plea, with Cobb at the mic, was shared on Facebook by her dad, Mike Cobb, who is clearly proud of his daughter. “This right here is 100% what it’s about!” he wrote in the caption.


This right here is 100% what it’s about! If you don’t want to support our local teachers and administrators! Feel free to home school, send your kids to a private or charter school! Don’t mess it up for our kids who choose to wear a mask and go to school and play sports! Take your frustration and protests elsewhere, like the office that matters! Governors office, not the Elementary or High School! I support our local schools and administrators 100%. They have bent over backwards to accommodate our children! Let’s support them! Please!

Posted by Mike Cobb on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Incidentally, the anti-mask protest wasn’t a huge success — only six out of 35,000 students in Washington County, Utah, didn’t wear face masks to school that day. Which proves that the younger generation knows what needs to be done right now, and is more than willing to do it! It’s not just about the health of people in their community; it’s about getting back to some form of normal life.

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