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Cheesecake Factory Pudding Cups Are Coming To Grocery Stores

Cheesecake Factory Pudding Cups Are Coming To Grocery Stores
Posted at 10:40 AM, Sep 21, 2020

The Cheesecake Factory just announced three new additions to its At Home product line. The Decadent Desserts lineup for home launched back in 2017 and include boxed mixes for cheesecakes, cupcakes and cookies. But now, if you’re not in the mood to bake, you have three desserts that ready to eat right out of the package.

“You’ve always been a welcomed guest in our house,” the company posted on its Twitter account. “Now try our At Home Puddings in yours, available at your grocery store.”

Lakeview Farms, the manufacturer of refrigerated desserts, has teamed up with the Cheesecake Factory for this trio of Mix-In Desserts. The 5-ounce single-serve pudding cups will be available in grocery stores across the country by the end of September, according to the product’s press release. Each cup comes with an accompanying flavor mix-in of either cookies, crunchies, or frosting chips that blend perfectly with the pudding flavor.

The three new flavors — cafe mocha, crème brûlée and red velvet — are all inspired by desserts served at The Cheesecake Factory restaurants.

The cafe mocha flavor is an espresso-infused pudding with a rich mix-in of dark chocolate cookie crunch. Apparently the Cheesecake Factory knows that blending coffee and chocolate is completely irresistible!

The Cheesecake Factory At Home

In the crème brûlée pudding cups, the crunch of the caramelized sugar mix-in topping contrasts with the soft, sweet custard.

The Cheesecake Factory at Home

Red Velvet is one of The Cheesecake Factory’s most popular flavors on its dessert menu. It only seems fair to bring that taste home in a single-serve cup. This pudding has a pile of cream cheese frosting chips to mix in to complete the red velvet dessert experience.

The Cheesecake Factory at Home

To find these new Cheesecake Factory pudding cups, you can visit the Cheesecake Factory at Home website and use the store finder search function. If you can’t track down these new treats right away, don’t worry. The company said the locator is being updated regularly with the new product inventory.

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