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Give Yourself A Temporary Tattoo With New Skin-safe Markers

Posted at 4:30 PM, Mar 12, 2020

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If you’ve thought about getting a tattoo but aren’t sure what you want — or are simply afraid of their permanence — there’s a product on the market that might make your decision easier. New BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers from Bic allow you to show off your creativity without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

While Bic’s skin-safe markers have been around for a bit, they’re releasing a newer version with a fine tip that will hit store shelves nationwide by the end of March. They’ll come in eight colors — red, pink, gold, green, purple, black, and two shades of blue — and will include three stencils to make inking yourself up nice and easy. (Though, of course, you’re only limited by your imagination.) A pack of all eight colors is $29.99.


The pens are designed for those ages 13 and up and, while they comply with cosmetic regulations, they have not been tested on sensitive skin, so you should be sure to use them on a small area first and discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.

A Bic spokesperson says the markers will stay on your skin for about three days, but the package also says it may take several washings with soap and water to remove them completely. So if you have to head to work or to a formal event after using them, it might be best to not put them in a spot that’s highly visible, like, you know, your face.


Stencils run the gamut from sports-themed and flower stencils to music notes and even unicorns. They’re perfect for adding some flair to any outfit, and they easily fit in a purse or bag so you can take them with you on a fun night out.


Social media is filled with people who have used the original BodyMark pens to ink themselves up, and it’s making us excited for how cool the fine tip designs are sure to look.

Here’s a henna design done up by Instagram user @thehennapeacock:

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If you want a safe alternatives to black and coloured ‘henna’ then I recommend these Bic Bodymark pens. They last a few days if you are careful, they come in a range of colours and are instant. They are fine felt tip pens and so you just use it as a normal pen. Be gentle though as the tips look very delicate. The colours are realy vivid too. They would work well for kids to, as they only last a couple of days! #bic #bicpens #bicbodymark #bicbodymarkpens @mybicpenuk @bic_incorpration #bodyart #temporarytattoo #saftey #saynotoblackhenna #saynotocolouredhenna #nosuchthingasblackhenna #nosuchthingascolouredhenna #nosuchthingasinstanthenna #staysafe #alternative #alternativetoinstanthenna #alternativetoblackhenna #alternativetocolouredhenna

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Here’s a tiny constellation created by Instagram user @loverly_dean:

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❤ IN LOVE ❤ #bicbodymark #tattoopen #temptattoo . I've only used this pen for 'bout 30 min and I'm already loving it. As someone who frequently uses her own skin as a canvas, any pen I had near me would quickly be recruited as a body art utensil. Ink pens don't last. Gel pens just smudge. And sharpies just want to freaking poison you. Sooo… not the great candidates. … I love that I can now do it safely. With a pen specifically designed for people like me in mind. Lasting. Precise. Safe. Waterproof. YAY! Only thing needed to take it off is a good scrubbing with an old fashioned bar of soap, elbow grease, and a washcloth. . Thanks @brittany_ann125 sis for the introduction. . If anyone wants a tat without the commitment of a realsies, hit me up.😜 I'll post some henna with the brown pen soon! (I'll definitely be collecting ALL the colors.) . Me and tattoos: I change my mind too much for a permanent tat. I like to switch things up every now and again. So temps are the best option for me. I can change them whenever I want. 😁 . BEHIND THe DESIGN: ▪︎ Constellation = …Fascinated by stars and all things celestial/space ▪︎ "Aquarius" = …Cup Carrier or Water-Bearer …Servant of God ▪︎ Aquarius Zodiac aspect = (not that I believe in them, but it does pretty sum up most of my personality) …Jan 29th …Creative …Dislikes manipulation …Enjoys learning …Freelance …Has difficulty opening up to others …Imaginative …Innovative …Kind …Optomistic …Random …Stubborn …Unique life ▪︎ Semicolon = …Author's decision to keep the sentence going. The author being God and the sentence being Human kind. As we failed him and were separated from God; but her decided to save us. …Affirmation against suicide and depression. Because yes. As a teen, I struggled with both. ▪︎All that wrapped up into one simple yet powerful little design. I'm thinking of keeping it.❤ . . . #tattoo #semicolontattoo #aquarius #constellations #stars #creative #freehandtattoo #diy #inked #blacktattoo #alist #lovely #daintytattoo #cute #fun #message

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And this floral piece by Instagram user @genna_riggins is seriously impressive:

There are a few other tattoo pens available on Amazon. A pack from Professional Body Art by Velvet comes with five pens for $40 while another from Skin Companion comes with seven markers for $10.

Michaels also sells a set of body markers in stores, but they don’t appear to be fine-tipped, which means you may not be able to draw designs that are especially intricate.

Do you think you have the artistic chops to draw your own tattoo?

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