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Crocs now has styles inspired by McDonald’s characters

Crocs now has styles inspired by McDonald’s characters
Posted at 11:10 AM, Nov 14, 2023

McDonald’s has teamed up with many different brands over the years, from Disney and Super Mario Bros. to Squishmallow, but their latest collaboration will have you showing your love for the fast food chain in a whole new way.

McDonald’s and Crocs have revealed a new line of shoes, socks and Jibbitz charms, all inspired by the classic McDonald’s characters Grimace, Birdie and Hamburglar.

The limited-edition collection is available on Crocs’ website now for between $70-$75 each, with socks priced at $20 per pair. There’s a chance the collection will sell quickly, so you’ll want to grab your favorites now.


$75 at Crocs

You’ll find four clogs/sandals, a collection of matching socks and a five-pack of Jibbitz charms inspired by fan-favorite menu items in the collection.

The four shoe choices include “Cozzzy” Grimace sandals that are lined with faux fur, Birdie classic clogs that are yellow and pink, Hamburglar classic clogs that have black and white stripes and a McDonald’s classic clog that is red and yellow.

The purple Grimace shoes have his expression on the straps and come with a Jibbitz milkshake, while the Birdie shoes have a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Jibbitz charm. The Hamburglar Crocs feature a hamburger and the McDonald’s clogs come with Chicken McNuggets, World Famous Fries and Big Mac Jibbitz charms.


$70 at Crocs

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This is far from the first time Crocs has teamed up with a beloved food brand to create a unique line of footwear.

We’ve seen everything from KFC Crocscomplete with chicken-scented drumsticks, Peeps clogs for Easter, and the latest, Pop-Tarts Crocs. You can also buy Jibbitz charms for other food items like gummy bears, a Hershey kiss, pizza, a Coca-Cola bottle, pumpkin pie and a cocktail.

The brand’s other limited-time offering for the moment is a collection celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film “Elf.” The collection includes green clogs with “Elf” charms, clogs that look like a candy cane and a pair that looks like a Christmas sweater.


$75 at Crocs

Will you be grabbing some McDonald’s-inspired Crocs before they sell out?

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