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Do Space to host women innovators fellowship presentation

Posted at 11:09 AM, Jul 31, 2019

OMAHA, Neb.. (KMTV) - — Do Space will host three women innovators Wednesday night, to showcase the results of 6 months of work to advance women in tech positions.

April Goettle, Bianca Zongrone Jefferson and Carina Glover are a part of the innovators fellowship program.

The women received a $10,000 stipend, mentorships from local female tech and business leaders, and additional resources to bring their ideas to life.

Each woman developed a project to address challenges Omaha women in tech face.

April Goettle developed Remoter.Tech, a resource website that promotes flexible remote job opportunities in the Omaha area.

She tells us remote work is one of the primary benefits within the tech community.

"Most people are capable of self managing and we have the technology in place now that maybe we didn't 10 years ago where we can effectively work remotely, we can video conference," Goettle said. "There's been a good push for broadband, that needs to expand more into rural communities."

Goettle says the Midwest is behind other major tech cities like San Francisco, Seattle or New York.

Goettle also says, she hopes her company will help shift attitudes about how people work in the Midwest.

A recent study suggests women hold less than a quarter of tech jobs in Omaha.

Carina Glover recently launched a start up, HerHeadquarters, a mobile app.

It's exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

Glover tells us her app helps connect women in the fashion, beauty, entertainment events and PR, and technology.

She says the goal is to help women entrepreneurs grow their empires faster, by empowering them connect and collaborate with other women LA, New York and Miami.

Although Glover didn't start her career in tech, she says there's a need for more women to go into tech-related positions.

"I think women in technology we bring a different perspective, because we in general are a very overlooked and neglected demographic-- we can fill those gaps in a way that other people can't."

The fellowship presentation starts at 5:30, at Do Space.

You can learn more about Do Space at