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Dodge County braces for spring flooding

Posted at 9:29 PM, Feb 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-17 08:56:32-05

FREMONT, Neb. (KMTV) - — Flooding has started in parts of Dodge County.

Dodge County Sheriff Steve Hespen gave an update on the current flood conditions after blocking off the area between Ridgeland and Hansen Roads.

"It's crazy and to see that ... it's scary," Brandy Tulak said.

Tulak tells 3 News Now she remembers the day her North Bend home flooded last spring.

"Moving this time was plastic plastic plastic I can't stress plastic totes enough, the boxes -- they're gone," Tulak said.

Nearly a year later, Tulak and her family are preparing for yet another flood season.

"We will never keep anything in boxes again, I mean in the flood last year me and my husband lost 20 years of memories, due to boxes," she said.

The Tulaks moved to Fremont after their home flooded.

"Even seeing this I'm nervous I'm not going to lie but I feel safe and I feel confident that we're going to do the best we can to divert that water," Tulak said.

Sheriff Hespen says the area near Ridgeland Road and Hansen Road came underwater on Saturday.

He says about 30 homes (mostly cabins) were impacted.

"Currently the ice jams are still on the river so there is still the potential for the water to rise," Sheriff Hespen said. "If the ice jam does not move on then more water comes down stream and it backs up into these low areas."

He also tells 3 News Now the area is prone to flooding.

"You know every time, Spring of the year, you know it's always a possibility in this area because it floods down here a substantial number of years its just a matter of when and to what significance the flooding is going to be," Sheriff Hespen said.

For others like Linda Jones, she can't park at her home because the road is blocked off for safety.

"It's scary not knowing what more might come down the river," Jones said.

Jones also shares this advice.

"If they come knocking on your door and tell you to get out, get out," she said.

County officials want people to be prepared.

"Be ready with stuff that they want to remove from their home you know, now's the time to start planning for where are we going to go if something happens and we have to leave," Sheriff Hespen said.

Tulak says if the time comes, she won't think twice about evacuating.

"Oh I will go you know if they come and tell us you know it's getting close," she said.

The sheriff also tells 3 News Now, residents should have their medications and short term supplies packed and ready to go if an evacuation takes place.