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Dual Dry Dispensers Keep Kids’ Cereal (And Your Kitchen) Neat And Tidy

Dual Dry Dispensers Keep Kids’ Cereal (And Your Kitchen) Neat And Tidy
Posted at 1:20 PM, Mar 30, 2022

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Cereal can be shockingly messy. If your child is anything like mine, rejoice that you’ll never have to deal with mangled plastic and cardboard boxes ripped and ruined from being frantically opened regardless of how many times you’ve explained to gently. open. the. box. For those who feel an organized kitchen sparks oodles of joy, there’s a stylish solution to your cereal woes that is a great deal at $37.10 on Amazon: the Zevro indispensable dry food dispenser.

Moms will love the option for little ones to serve themselves (alleluia!), and it lessens the chance for cereal spills while eliminating the need to hang onto the original boxes.

A convenient way to store dry goods, this countertop food dispenser is perfect for cereal, nuts, granola, oats and then some. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy and comes with little caps to seal off the bottom opening, which helps keep food fresh.

It’s ridiculously simple to use: Just fill the top, remove the bottom cap and turn the knob to dispense. Pop the cap back on to preserve freshness for up to six weeks. Or, if you go through cereal at lightning speed, you might not even need to bother.


The Zevro indispensable dry food dispenser‘s flexible wheel pad keeps food inside, yet it won’t crush anything as it turns. Each twist releases about an ounce of food. It fits a variety of bowl sizes, working with everything except large pasta bowls. The canisters hold a surprisingly large amount, too! There will still be ample room left after pouring in family-sized cereal boxes.

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“We have three kids and a very small kitchen with very little cabinet/counter space!!!” one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer wrote. “We used to keep our cereal boxes on top of our refrigerator, but I’ve been trying to de-clutter, and also come up with a solution for our kids to be able to get their own cereal in the mornings. THIS IS IT!!!!”


Another reviewer wrote, “Feels like a dorm kitchen with all our snack dispensers! I plan on getting at least 1 or 2 more sets of these for savory snacks like cheddar bunnies and cheese puffs or Chex mix/nuts.”

Bonus perk: If you use a duel dispenser, you’ll have more room in your cabinets, which makes them look better kept and tidier. Score!

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