Family of Camisha Hollis still searching for answers in 35-year-old's disappearance

Camisha Hollis still missing, family seeks answers
Posted at 7:02 AM, Apr 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 19:16:50-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It's been a year since anyone has seen Camisha Hollis. Family members of the 35 year-old mother of 3 say they are in desperate need of closure.

Camisha's younger sister, Caprice, says she still sends her sister Facebook messages even though she knows she likely won't get a response.

In one message to Camisha, Caprice wrote, "please come to me in a dream and show me where you are, there may not be much I can do to find you but, if you're able to connect with me in some sort of way ... as a community and with police maybe we can find you."

Caprice tells us she still sends these messages almost every day.

She later wrote,"I just want you here so we can get closure and know that you are safe. I do believe that your soul is happy ... and your body is just a shell and was only temporary... but you're very precious to me and deserve to be found, please help us find you Camisha, I'm begging you and I love you so much."

"I feel like I know the response I would get and sometimes it just makes me laugh you know," Caprice said. I talk to her, I love her and she's definitely my angel."

Caprice says her sister was reported missing on April 2, 2018.

Omaha police and community members conducted searches but, Camisha still hasn't been found a year later.

"Everyday I think are we going to be one of those families where nothings ever found," Caprice said. How do you go on living day to day not knowing where this person is or what happened?"

In a statement to 3 News Now, Omaha police said:

"The investigation is on-going and any and all leads regarding her case are being followed up on. Crime Stoppers does provide a reward for homicide information."

But Caprice says that's not enough.

In addition to the emotional toll of losing her sister, Caprice says she also hurts for her three young nieces who no longer have their mother.

"They're fully aware that she would not leave them on her own and they have said this," Caprice said. [They said] you know our mom would never leave us, she loved us so much ... she said if she ever had to leave we were going with her."

In December, Omaha Police re-classified Hollis' case as a homicide.

Her ex-boyfriend Marvin Young (and father of Camisha's daughters) is currently in jail for 3 counts of child abuse, domestic disturbing the peace and criminal mischief.

Caprice says Young was physically and mentally abusive to her sister.

"We knew how bad it was and you can only tell someone so much and it's their decision ultimately what they choose to do," Caprice said.

Caprice says she and her family remain hopeful that they'll receive new developments in the case.

"When I needed that extra push or encouragement she was always there to give it to me, so it's been hard to not hear from her," Caprice said. "To not get a text everyday like I'm used to and just to not hear her voice, is really hard.