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Holographic Hair Is A Cool New Color Trend And The Photos Will Make You Do A Double Take

Holographic Hair Is A Cool New Color Trend And The Photos Will Make You Do A Double Take
Posted at 11:05 AM, Mar 10, 2020

Looking for an eye-catching new ‘do? The holographic hair color trend is definitely worth checking out. If you love the “My Little Pony” color trend, you will be obsessed with holographic hair, which takes the pastel rainbow style up a notch.

Remember the days of free AOL CDs everywhere? Picture the way you might play with one of the silver discs and then imagine those shimmering, rainbow-laced colors throughout your hair. This Instagram post by Brandi Michel (@sanitystylist) provides the perfect side-by-side example that shows what holographic hair looks like.

“Holographic/Iridescent hair is not your typical fantasy shade on hair but it is becoming more popular lately,” writes Michel. “You’ll typical(ly) see bolder shades with pixelated rainbow pieces throughout.”

Although artistic hairstylists have devised several takes on this style trend, it is essentially panels of metallic hues applied to blonde and gray hair with varying intensity. It can be applied using foil, balayage or a number of other methods.

One of the things we love about this trend is that you can modify it to make it your own. For instance, Cynthia Finch shared her soft, glistening results that are primarily silver and blonde with just enough pastel streaks to provide the holographic look.

Similarly, stylist Heidi Davidson shared this iridescent style, which features a platinum base with striations of blue, purple and teal.

The colors don’t have to be strictly pastel, however. These fluorescent hues by Tacoma, Washington-based Curtis Colors Hair bring the holographic look home.

“Prism Cascade,” writes the stylist. “All the blend, all the color. It’s all about that over direction. The farther it has to travel, the more variance in color when it lays.”

Similarly, you can get the holographic appearance without the silver base. This shocking violet background by North Port, Florida-based colorist Fab Hair by Josh is spot on, thanks to the cascading halo prism he created with a vivid rainbow of shades.

Whether it is soft and shimmering or bold and brilliant, holographic hair is just right for a style update. Are you tempted to give it a go?


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