Local teen starts support group for girls who are survivors of sexual assault

Posted at 6:56 AM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 07:56:04-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV)  — February is teen dating violence awareness month, and before the month ends KMTV wanted to shed on light an issue many teens have experienced.

High school senior Madelynn Carbaugh tells us she was sexually assaulted when she was 15.

"I felt like I didn't own my body," she said. I didn't feel like I could be myself."

But Carbaugh has taken back control of her body.

Through therapy, the long-time girl scout says she's regained power in her own life.

"Nobody should have to feel the way that I felt when I went through it," Carbaugh said.

By supporting other survivors, Carbaugh earned the Gold Award, it's the highest honor Girl Scouts can receive.

The Girl Scouts connected Carbaugh with the Women's Center for Advancement, and now she hosts weekly support group meetings for other teen survivors of sexual assault.

"I don't want girls to have the same situation as me, where the first time they ever had anything done to them, it wasn't consensual," she said.

Carbaugh says Girl Scouts has empowered her over the years, and made it easier for her to help other teens.

"This is one small way that I can at least try to help, even if it helps one person it's worth it," she said.

"I want them to know that it's not their fault no matter what other people try to say," Carbaugh said. There is no such thing as asking for it, your clothing doesn't matter, you are not an object ... you are valuable, and you are worth it."

The support group meets Monday's at 5 p.m. at the Women's Center for Advancement. She says teen girls are welcome.