Hurricane Dorian: Where to donate, how to help victims

Posted at 2:02 PM, Sep 02, 2019

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on Sunday, bringing catastrophic winds and life-threatening storm surge. The storm has slowed to a crawl, moving just 1mph, but continues to devastate.

HURRICANE CENTER | ABC Action News Hurricane Center

Where to donate

What to donate

Extension Cords
Work Gloves
Chainsaws & Chains
Chainsaw Bar Oil
Gas Cans
Duct Tape
Hammers & Nails
Battery Operated Fans
Bug Spray
Mosquito Nets
Unused Blankets
Cleaning Supplies
Nonperishable Food
Hygiene Products
Baby Supplies
Pet Food
OTC Medical Supplies
Solar Phone Chargers
Phone Battery Packs
Cleaning Products
Trash Bags
Disinfecting Wipes
Camping Lights (Solar & Battery Powered)

Do not donate expired or unusable items.

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