Irish Mural Unveiled in South Omaha

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jun 24, 2019

SOUTH OMAHA, Neb. — Being Irish is a way of life. It's years of tradition, song, dance and art.

That culture and tradition were celebrated in Omaha Saturday with a mural.

"It's beautiful and extremely visible mural that a lot of people can get to see and understand what it means to be Irish in the community of Omaha," mural celebration attendee John Corigan said.

Created in part by the South Omaha Mural Project, this piece of art is a reflection and celebration of Irish history.

"This mural depicts that march to respectability and to American citizenship that the Irish immigrants experienced in this neighborhood," Corigan said.

Those at the unveiling couldn't help but feel the joy of being Irish.

"We're a family. A big family, but we are a family and I love the Irish culture I was married to an Irishman for 15 years and so consequently I know a little bit," mural celebration attendee Judy Mallory said.

But the celebration wasn't just about the Irish. It was a time to celebrate all of the diversity here in South Omaha.

"We're kind of more like a tossed salad as opposed to a melting pot, full of all sorts of individuals," mural celebration attendee Richard Fitzgerald said.

The unity of art and history came together as one. And the hope for more cultures and ethnicites to be recognized and celebrated continues.

"Taking a little piece of our culture and hanging on to it. From where we came from whether you're Irish or German, African American, Hispanic from Mexico or from the Mayan culture," Fitzgerald said.

"We're looking at African American, we're looking at all these other cultures that still have to have a mural. So this is something I hope that goes on for a very long time," Mallory said.