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Israel at War: Scripps News reports from on the ground

Scripps News shares the latest reporting from on the ground in Israel as an expected ground invasion of Gaza looms.
Israel at War: Scripps News reports from on the ground
Posted at 10:27 PM, Oct 26, 2023

In a special report on the conflict in Israel, Scripps News reports on the anticipated ground invasion of Gaza, speaks with experts about the difficulties of fighting in an urban setting, and shares the story of how physical media helped spread the message of people held hostage by Hamas around the world.

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Scripps News hears from Major Shraga, a 38-year-old Israeli American in the Israel Defense Forces who commands a battalion of 500 infantrymen and heavy armor. Shraga gave Scripps News rare access to his Jerusalem Wolves battalion as they prepared to fight.

We hear from lawmakers, former Israeli officials and combat experts about the difficulties and costs of fighting an urban war.

And we investigate satellite imagery that shows that a ground invasion of Gaza would result in fierce urban fighting — which is dangerous not just for combatants but also for civilians in the area.

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