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La Vista Public Library offering Adulting 101 classes this summer

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 20:17:03-04

LA VISTA, Neb. (KMTV) — The La Vista public library is offering an opportunity for young adults to learn good life skills.

Over the next six weeks the library is hosting Adulting 101 classes focused on helping high school and college-age students prepare to live on their own. Teen coordinator Ashley Wemhoff says students may pass on learning skills like cooking and using appliances during the school year.

"There are some classes in schools, but usually they're electives and so a lot of kids don't take them," Wemhoff said.

Other topics this summer include auto repair and finance, which includes learning how to ask for a loan and maintaining good credit. College students at the library Monday say there's definitely a need for these types of classes.

"Oh definitely our age and younger," Casslyn McNamara said. "I taught myself how to budget and watched a YouTube video on how to change a tire on a car."

The library's goal is to give emerging adults a basic understanding during the summer when kids schedules are more available. The staff says people ages 16 to 25 have signed up so far.

"I think that they're life skills that maybe a lot of us understand the importance of now that we're past that younger age and getting out and starting on our own," La Vista library employee Cadate Shultz said.

Classes are held every Monday night at 6 o'clock at the library. The schedule of events includes:

- June 10: Jobs
Students will learn how to interview for jobs and fill out resumes.

- June 17: Housing
Learn how to move homes and what to pack. Also how to sign leases and find good deals on rent.

- June 24: Odds and Ends
From car repair to best laundry detergent, learn how to use common household items.

- July 1: Finance
How to budget your income, write a check and plan for savings. Also learn how to ask for a loan and maintain good credit.

- July 8: Digital Literacy
Learn about fake news and the internet.

- July 15: Cooking
Understand how easy it is to cook healthy recipes and kitchen appliances.