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A Little Girl Made A PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Parents To Get Her A Cat

Posted at 10:54 AM, Sep 18, 2020

If you’re a kid and you want to convince your parents to get you something major, you’d better come prepared. That’s exactly what one little girl in Canada did recently to fantastic results.

Christopher Doyle, the girl’s father, shared what he thought would be an ordinary tweet about his daughter’s desire to get a cat. What started with a few photos of a brief PowerPoint presentation she made to persuade her parents quickly became a viral sensation. On Aug. 25, Doyle, who lives in Toronto, started the discussion with a simple post featuring the slides that his little one created.

He was mildly amused at her efforts of persuasion.

Each slide highlighted the reasons why his daughter felt she deserved to get a cat.

According to one of her slides, she’s been researching cat ownership for over five years and is “more than prepared” for all the responsibilities that come with the job of being a cat mom.

“Overall, having a cat would be pretty fun and cool and like I said, I would take care of it,” she wrote in her persuasive presentation. “It would literally be the happiest day of my life pls.”

How can anyone argue with those points?

This smart little cookie also brought out some high-level parenting guilt in one of her arguments. It seems mom and dad had promised her she could get a hamster before and, for some reason, that pet never materialized.

“Please. Seriously, you promised me a hamster five years ago but that never happened,” the girl wrote. “Just let me have this.”

Twitter user Melissa Barnes noted the guilt tactic as her favorite piece of the whole presentation.

Even Microsoft, the maker of PowerPoint, was impressed with the girls’ presentation and chimed in to support her cause.

“A very compelling presentation!” the company wrote on Twitter. “She has us convinced.”

Us, too.

As the tweet went viral, earning more than 21,000 likes, Doyle shared the responses with his family. His daughter couldn’t help but gloat a little at all the pressure Twitter users were putting on her dad.

“Can’t believe all of Twitter is on my side,” the girl apparently texted him.

But, would the girl’s plan actually work?

Four days later, Doyle posted and update, saying the family had visited a local Humane Society and a pet store for some “in-person research.” Hmm … Also, it looks like the girl is giving her younger sibling some ideas.

On Sept. 2, the family followed through on an appointment to the local shelter to visit a litter of abandoned kittens.

And finally, on Sept. 5, the news everyone on social media wanted to see became a reality as they brought home an adorable rescue kitten they named Tokyo.

It just goes to show a child’s desire, along with a little proficiency in PowerPoint and the peer pressure of social media, is enough to melt the heart of even the toughest parent. Congratulations to the Doyle family on their newest addition! She’s purrfect!

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