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Make Dr Pepper ice cream at home with this simple recipe

Make Dr Pepper ice cream at home with this simple recipe
Posted at 12:50 PM, Jun 26, 2023

Summer is officially here and nothing screams the season like ice cream. And while it’s convenient to grab a pint of your favorite flavor from the store or the local ice cream truck, there’s something special about churning your own with an ice cream maker. You can add whatever ingredients you like and maybe try something different from those old standbys like chocolate and vanilla.

If you’re ready to add something fun to your dessert selections, how about making a batch of Dr Pepper ice cream?

That is not a typo. In fact, we’ve featured a number of recipes using the popular soft drink for added flavor, including Dr Pepper brownies, a Dr Pepper cake and even Dr Pepper baked beans.

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You can also buy a carton of Dr Pepper Float ice cream right now from Blue Bell, too. But if you love making your own ice cream, this is one to try.

We found this Dr Pepper Ice Cream recipe from Diy Joy. And we love the idea of adding that complex Dr Pepper flavor — which includes notes of cherry, licorice, and 21 other ingredients — to the traditional frozen dessert.


Once you have an ice cream maker, churning your own flavors is simple. This recipe may sound fancy, but it only requires a few ingredients: heavy cream, whole milk, Dr Pepper, granulated sugar, salt and vanilla.

It’s important to get the ice cream maker’s inner chamber in the freezer well before adding the mixture of ingredients. Typically, you’ll want to start it in the freezer for at least a few hours before making the ice cream recipe. However, if you have the time and space, set the chamber in the freezer overnight.

As you follow the recipe’s step-by-step directions, you’ll need to reduce Dr Pepper to turn it into a sugar syrup. This concentrates the flavor so that it will come through the rest of the ingredients. And, by adding more Dr Pepper that comes straight out of the bottle, you will get a little fizz from the soda.

While we wouldn’t exactly call this a healthy recipe, at 350 calories per cup, it’s a generous serving for the calories. Plus, it’s something fun and new to try with the family!

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