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This Lavender Labyrinth Is A Beautiful Place To Relax Outdoors

This Lavender Labyrinth Is A Beautiful Place To Relax Outdoors
Posted at 8:50 AM, Mar 03, 2022

It’s a labyrinth so large that you can see it from Google Maps’ satellite view. Cherry Point Farm & Market in Western Michigan has a 3-acre lavender labyrinth and herb garden that it opens to the public in the summer for relaxing walks and it’s truly something to behold.

As Cherry Point explains, a labyrinth, unlike a maze, is supposed to be meditative, rather than a puzzle or a challenge. You can’t get lost in the Cherry Point labyrinth, which is made up of mounds of earth and clumps of lavender that lead walkers back to its center, where a stone circle and arbor surround 36 garden beds filled with herbs and plants native to Michigan.

Check out an overhead look at the Lavender Labyrinth taken via drone by photographer Tim Rife on YouTube.

Cherry Point, which is an hour northwest of Grand Rapids, a few miles from the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and the Little Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan, has been a family operation since 1949. Its current owner, Barbara Bull, decided to add the labyrinth in 2001.

Bull worked with architect Conrad Heiderer, to create the contemporary design. The labyrinth contains “elements of time,” with a stone circle at its center (a year), 12 interlocking circles (months), 52 arbor posts (weeks) and seven cross pieces on the sections of the arbor (days).

The farm reports that its lavender is in full bloom in mid- to late July, though the lavender keeps its color through August, when it’s then harvested. The herb garden in the middle of the labyrinth blooms throughout the warm months.

Unfortunately, the polar vortex of 2019 killed most of the well-established lavender in the labyrinth, which had to be replanted and is gradually growing back.

However, the farm pointed out in a social media post that its herb garden blooms all summer long with different plants and flowers.

Cherry Point follows the seasons, with its signature cherry strudel and other baked goods available at certain times in the cold months. While the labyrinth itself isn’t open during the winter, as the Facebook post below shows, it’s quite stunning even covered in snow.

During the summer, besides opening the herb garden and labyrinth to visitors for free, Cherry Point has a fruit market, sells baked goods, pies and donuts, and hosts fish boils known for their fiery cooking process.

If you’re looking for a unique and relaxing place to spend some time in nature this summer, the Cherry Point’s Lavender Labyrinth would make for some awe-inspiring Instagram posts.

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