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Miller and Planters turned the NUTmobile into a dive bar you can book

Miller and Planters turned the NUTmobile into a dive bar you can book
Posted at 10:05 AM, Jun 15, 2023

After becoming an overnight destination in 2021, the Planters brand’s iconic NUTmobile is getting another makeover — this time courtesy of a peanut’s best sidekick: beer.

Miller High Life and Planters have come together to turn the giant peanut on wheels into a dive bar that you can rent out for a fun summer night.

The NUTmobile, converted into the “Nuttiest Dive Bar,” will be parked in Milwaukee and comes packed full of everything you’d expect in a dive bar, like a jukebox (of course this one is peanut-shaped), dim bar lighting and bar games like cornhole. You’ll also be treated to a warm nut machine and Miller High Life so you can eat and drink as much as you want — all included at no additional charge.

Miller High Life

Miller High Life says the bar also has an “authentic dive bar smell” and a selfie wall. The ceiling is littered with dollar bills just like you might find at your local watering hole, except there are a few custom bills included among them.

The Nuttiest Dive Bar will be open for reservations beginning June 16; you can book 90-minute blocks for up to five people at a time between July 9-12. Miller High Life does not say how long booking will be open, so if you want some time at this unique location, visit the website as soon as you can.

Miller High Life

Can’t make the trip to Milwaukee for some quality time in a 26-foot-long peanut? You can enter to win your own bar-style experience instead. The winner of the Match Made in the High Life contest gets the monetary equivalent of a year’s supply of Miller High Life and Planters peanuts — basically, a check for $840.

The contest winner will also get a $500 gift card to purchase merchandise from Miller High Life’s website. Everyone who submits an entry has the chance to instantly win a T-shirt as well. The contest runs through Sept. 5, so you have plenty of time to enter.

Will you be making a reservation for the Nuttiest Dive Bar?

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